about me

I'm e-dt. If you must use 'real names' call me Étienne du Tertre. I enjoy programming and linguistics.



where to find me

I'm on several bad social media sites. I'm @e-dt#3035 on Discord, @e__dt on Twitter, and /u/e-dt on Reddit.

In addition, I'm e-dt on Github, and e-dt on my self-hosted (and largely unused) Gitea.

I am @e-dt@social.e-dt.xyz on Mastodon, and @e-dt:e-dt.xyz on Matrix.

This is my PGP public key.
This is my minisign/signify public key.
My age public key is 'age1a4f3vp9nefh50pnttc04u6sdylptshdtx6ecg7ff7gp5je4lccnqjpszv6'.

In order to discourage sпamm, I put my email address in an image. (I don't know how effective this is.) For accessibility I'll spell it out: ee dash dee tee at ee dash dee tee dot eks why z.

If you want to find me in real life, I live in Sydney, Australia. But please don't find me in real life. That's scary.


political views

I am a communist.


I like music, books, video games, TV, and movies. Don't we all?

As for what I specifically like, my focusses shift from day to day. (Don't ours all?)

At time of writing (Dec. 2021) I'm listening a lot to the Beatles, watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and reading The Count of Monte Cristo.