getting my affairs in order

I've been doing hella forms lately.

A little tip for you all - and this may be relevant to those I ping on DisKKKord and force to read my articles - emails connected to educational institutions do not last forever. They will go away once you graduate. So if you had the idiotic idea, like me, to sign up for things with your educational email, you had better change that. I had the fortituity of realising this at a time when I had just obtained a new (!! :cool: :new:) email, so I have been on what we call a "kick" of changing my accounts over to that email.[1]

This "kick" has prompted a more general "kick" that subsumes the "kick" that prompted it. A "kick"[2] that consists of me 'getting my affairs in order'. This is a process that involves a lot of forms and a lot of thinking about eligibility. Very luckily, almost every form is online these days.

Man, I don't know if I have some kind of evil disease or what, but I actually like filling out forms. It's just some great shit to write shit in a box and know at the end that in the mail you will be getting some kind of laminated card that you can put in your wallet.[3]A feeling you should try.

Anyway I've said my piece and it is 2AM and my playlist has gotten to "Good Night" so I'm peacing out. See yaz. Try looking up Government Programs/Institutions you can sign up for, great fun.

[1]Special shoutouts to the National Library of Australia, for which I was completely unable to find the account settings page, and the State Library of NSW, which requires you to call during business hours (!!!) to change any account details.

[2]lol BIT OVER

[3]Wrap cash around your massive stack of "Concession Eligibility" and "Proof of Identification" cards to make it seem like youre a fuckin baller. Pro tip