short one today kids...

At a certain point, it becomes natural to program in a certain language. Not only do you know all the grammar, which is relatively easy, but you also have a good grasp of the vocabulary, aka the standard library. I can do this in Python, which is good, except that Python is dogshit slow. So I want to be able to do this in Rust. Ergo, I'm just going to write shit in Rust until I'm fluent.

Something that really helps with this in Python is a REPL, which encourages me to instead of looking up the answer to something just try it and see. Rust doesn't have a REPL, though. "Shikata ga nai..."

To fill space, I will now translate this into toki pona. Thank you.

ona li sona mute e toki pi ilo nanpa la, pilin ona li toki li pali. ona li sona e nasin ale - ni li sona lili. (a - mute sona li lili, taso ken la ante pi nasin pilin sina li suli. ni la sina ken ante e nasin ni kepeken wawa sina.) ona kin li sona e nimi ale, e tenpo nimi. mi ken toki sama ni kepeken toki Python. ni li pona, taso ilo pi toki Python li pali kepeken tenpo mute mute. ni la, mi wile toki pona kepeken toki Rust. tenpo kama la mi toki mute kepeken toki Rust la, mi kama toki pona kepeken toki Rust.

pona pi toki Python tawa ni li nasin toki. nasin ni li esun toki, li "mi toki. ona li pali, li toki. mi toki. ona li pali, li toki." kama sona la, ni li pona. nasin ante li nasin lipu. nasin ni la mi pali e lipu suli, ilo nanpa li lukin li pali e lipu ale lon tenpo wan. kama sona la, ni li ike. (pali la pona.) nasin toki la, mi alasa ala e sona, mi kana sona tan pali. taso, toki Rust la, mi ken ala pali kepeken nasin toki ni. "ike li kama..."

mi wile suli e lipu la, mi wile sitelen e ni kepeken toki Inli. ... taso musi. tawa pona.